Tours: From the Screen to the Street

Tours: From the Screen to the Street

The Empire Hotel from On Location Tours

Movies and TV shows capture places that people dream about visiting and seeing for themselves. With New York City at the center of so many, though, it can seem overwhelming to find and visit all of the locations. After experiencing one of these tours, however, guests will finally see all of the cult sites and be able to exclaim "I've been there!" while watching their favorite movie or show.

Gossip Girl Sites Tour

Take a peek into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite on the Gossip Girl Sites Tour with On Location Tours. Starting at the New York Palace, home of the Bass and van der Woodsen families in the first two seasons of the show, guests will see many of the familiar locations depicted in the popular series. Ride with comfort and ease in a charter bus equipped with TVs playing clips of the Gossip Girl locations visitors will soon see for themselves. Beginning on the Upper East Side and working down toward Midtown, tour goers will catch a glimpse of the two locations used for Constance Billard School for Girls, Blair’s penthouse, the steps in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where Queen B and her minions lunched in luxury, Dylan’s Candy Bar where Dan and Vanessa bought sweets and Chuck’s domain at The Empire Hotel. The tour ends where the show started at Grand Central Terminal where Gossip Girl first spotted Serena six seasons ago. Whether they're more of a Blair or a Serena, Gossip Girl fans will definitely enjoy reliving all of their favorite moments throughout tour.

» On Location Tours,, 212.913.9780, tours are approximately 3 hours and tickets cost $45

Sex and the City Hotspots

Follow in the footsteps of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda on the Sex and the City Hotspots tour with Viator as visitors travel through the city and spot some of the places where the famous foursome appeared in the show. Fans will see more than 40 locations from the series, including the gallery where Charlotte worked, The Pleasure Chest (home of the infamous “rabbit”), Aidan’s furniture store and the New York Public Library, where Big and Carrie were married. Patrons can sip cosmopolitans in true Sex and the City style at Onieals, the location of Aiden and Steve’s bar. By the end of the three-and-a-half-hour tour, guests may have even finally decided whether they're more of a Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda.

» Viator,, 888.651.9785, tours are approximately 3.5 hours and tickets cost $49

NBC Studio Tour

Go behind-the-scenes of one of TV’s biggest networks on the NBC Studio Tour. Visitors will get an inside look into how TV magic is made and learn about the history of NBC. Tours are led by the iconic NBC pages who take groups through different studios, such as those of SNL, Jimmy Fallon, the Today Show and Brian Williams. Exact locations vary, as tours adjust to accommodate filming and other events. Guests end the tour by filming their own news and weather segments in the High Definition Mini-Control Studio.

While the NBC Studio Tours are currently closed for upgrades and renovations, the tours are scheduled to resume again in late 2014.

» NBC Studio Tour, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 212.664.3700

New York City TV & Movie Sites Guided Tour

For those who just can’t pick one show or movie they love most, the New York City TV & Movie Sites Guided Tour from All New York Tours gives a comprehensive view of many movies and shows shot in NYC. Visitors will see more than 40 different places featured in at least 60 different TV shows and movies. Stops include the apartment building from Friends, McGee’s Pub that inspired MacLauren’s on How I Met Your Mother, the Daily Bugle from Spider-Man, the Original Soup Man seen on Seinfeld and the location where the Glee cast performed "I Love New York."  Step onto the bus and into the world of movies and TV, which will transform the New York guests know into the New York of their wanderlust.

» All New York Tours,, 702.749.5688, tours are approximately 3.5 hours and cost $43

Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Tour

Movie buffs who are itching to see all of the film sites should hop on the TCM Classic Film Tour. Partnering with On Location Tours, TCM has chosen some of the most well-known movie sites around Manhattan from films like King Kong, An Affair to Remember, You’ve Got Mail, Manhattan, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Seven Year Itch. With experienced tour guides sharing a wealth of trivia, visitors will learn something new about the city and the movies they love.

» Turner Classic Movies,, 212.913.9780, tours are approximately 3 hours and cost $41