One Groovy Trip

One Groovy Trip

The cast from "Trip of Love." Photo Matthew Murphy

Although, I confess, I live in Philadelphia, I escape into NYC every chance I get. And when recently, I was offered a ticket to the new Broadway show, “Trip of Love,” I hopped on the Megabus at Market and 6th Street for a recent Wed. matinee and some major 1960s nostalgia.

As soon as I entered the theater, I felt that tug back into the Age of Aquarius. The proscenium and walls are covered with huge purple, fuschia and lime green flowers: butterflies glowing in the black light. And, considering that the lobby was packed with my contemporaries who had come of age during the same time period, it seems we were all seduced by the idea of some hippie-era time-traveling.

I was most definitely ready to get psychedelic. And psychedelic it was: “Trip of Love” is the story of Caroline, an innocent girl who ventures down the rabbit hole on an acid trip after ingesting a magic mushroom. After that it’s some two hours of 28 songs, a gaggle of talented shirtless men with washboard stomachs and women with great athletic dance moves and beautiful voices. Every song conjured up a memory: “Trip of Love” was most definitely a “Trip of Life” into my past. The costumes had me yearning for my favorite pair of embroidered bell-bottom jeans, white go-go boots and Mondrian print shift dress; "California Dreamin'" and "Where the Boys Are" reminded me of hanging out at Neptune Beach in Florida, where I grew up, in my fishnet bikini, flirting with the surfer dudes.

The sets and costumes were beautiful and spot-on to the era. All in all, this show made my trek in from Philadelphia to see " Trip of Love" more than worth the effort.

» “Trip of Love,” Stage 42, 422 W. 42nd St., 212.239.6200