Immerse Yourself in Edgy NYC Theater

Immerse Yourself in Edgy NYC Theater

From left: Then She Fell and Sleep No More (©Darial Sneed; Robin Roemer Photography)

At edgy productions in New York, theatergoers not only watch the show—they become part of it. Here are four immersions you must experience.

• With just 15 audience members per show, Then She Fell thrusts visitors into the mad wonderland of Lewis Carroll and his writings. Guests wander around a mysterious mental ward, interacting with characters like Alice, the Hatter and the White Rabbit, and discovering hidden treasures tucked away in locked boxes. The intimate, liminal experience is intriguing and heartbreaking, and will leave you contemplating long after it is over. 195 Maujer St., Brooklyn.

• An extravagant dinner show gets the salacious treatment at Queen of the Night. Sexy performers are hands-on with guests in secret rooms at this grown-up circus, which showcases daring acrobatic stunts, striptease, spinning aerialists and other astonishing feats. Tickets include a royal, communal meal that’s a feast not only for the body, but also the senses. Dress your best—this is the queen’s ball, after all. 235 W. 46th St.

• The newest interactive show from Speakeasy Dollhouse, Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic, playfully warns guests of a forgotten Broadway theater filled with “jazz, liquor and fast women.” The plot centers on the poisoning of a silent film star and exposes the darker side of the American Dream. Guests become part of complex scenes and enjoy showgirls, burlesque and music. 234 W. 42nd St.

• Masked guests choose their own mysterious adventures as they explore five floors of a 1930s luxury hotel at Sleep No More, one of NYC’s most popular interactive shows. The abstract interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth involves rifling through drawers, eavesdropping on characters, chasing actors up and down stairs and witnessing intense scenes unfold at arm’s length. Repeat visitors love seeing new parts of the show, while newbies enjoy getting lost in the decked-out space. 530 W. 27th St.