I tend to joke that YouTube taught me how to “be a girl.” User RiannStar’s mystical trick of curling hair with a flat iron, TV personality Lauren Conrad’s secret behind winged eyeliner and dozens of other YouTube tutorials have served as my amateur cosmetology school.

Haven, a veteran SoHo day spa, has a new treatment. Cunningly called the Geek Massage, it's aimed at those who spend all day huddled into desks and terminals--not that there's any reason that people who run all day, stand all day or do a combination of all three couldn't enjoy its benefits either.

A deep conditioning treatment for the hair, just before winter’s winds blow their cold, dry wrath on my tresses, sounded like a good idea. So I bundled up on this frigid November day and headed up to 66th Street off Madison Ave., on a street filled with lovely brownstones and canopied apartment buildings, to the Ricardo Rojas Atelier salon. Mystified (I saw no shop sign), I came across a small building with an apartment buzzer block, with the salon name next to 5B.

Plasmalite? In the ever-expanding world of anti-aging nomenclature, I was stumped on that one. So when I was recently invited to try this new anti-aging laser treatment, a European procedure recently approved by the FDA, I was, of course intrigued. Boutique Body + is located on the Upper East Side, in a small building wedged between two others on bustling Lexington Ave. Not the typical salon—you press a buzzer and then walk up a flight of stairs to get to the spa, with no sleek shop window to lure you in—I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I recently had the good fortune to experience the Cutler Salon for some midday beautifying.

When it comes to regular grooming, a trip to the hair and nail salon seems to be pretty standard. A mani-pedi makes for a quick, relaxing post-office treat, while a trim and blowout are non-negotiable.

In this era of blow-dry bars and corner nail salons, the old-fashioned, full-service spa–the type that treats you from (highlighted) head to (pedicured) toe–is an endangered species, I fear.

Curiosity got the best of me. For months I have been hearing about Dr.

Skincare masques are a dime-a-dozen, containing everything from gold flakes to clay scraped from the shores of the

Being that I always ask for extra ginger with my sushi, how could I resist the invite to get a Wakaya ginger scalp treatment at the Patrick Melville Salon in Rockefeller Center? The salon is bustling at midday yet not overly noisy: plush chocolate-brown leather chairs at the styling and heating stations, and stainless steel counters, along with black-and-portraits of stunning models lend a contemporary, glamorous feel to the place.


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