New Balance has always been an easy choice when it comes to quality, comfortable sneakers (my grandfather claims they solved his knee problems).

Every lady needs what my mom used to call a workhorse dress—that is, a frock that can serve a multitude of occasion

Many a femme knows the joys of shopping for clothes from another era: the unique look, the lower prices (especially

The simple green awning on Park Avenue gives no hint of the sparkling gems that await inside the Maurice Badler Fin

“I like to see it lap the miles,/And lick the valleys up” — Emily Dickinson’s famed words, in her ode to “The Railway Train”, kept running through my mind during a recent trip (my first) on the Acela Express, Amtrak’s high-speed train along the Northeast Corridor.

Flying is so draining nowadays: the lines, the delays, the cramped seats and antiseptic atmosphere. But there’s one literally sweet spot, in the middle of LaGuardia Airport. The SGR boutique, in Delta's Terminal C, is adorned with what looks like a giant striped Life Saver and filled with all sorts of comfort candies and sweets, many of them in handy bite-size servings (perfect for slipping into that carry-on).

In my youth, I frequented tanning salons on a regular basis, being an L.A. baby. I looked thinner, darker and forever young. But as we all know, soaking up too many UV rays is a thing of the past. Thanks to science and the beauty industry, we now have a wide range of products to give us everything from a subtle sun-kissed appearance to a deep, dark tan.

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but most wouldn't consider wearing them on their face. No, we're not talking about the new bedazzling trend, we're referencing Orogold. The skincare line recently opened up their first New York City shop, and diamonds aren't the only rare ingredient their products use (nor is the namesake gold).

How I will miss my son when he goes off to Rutgers this fall. For years, sports has been the glue that has provided us endless mother-son bonding moments (this from a woman who knew virtually nothing about sports until giving birth to her jock tot). Sunday afternoons in the winter are for football (and baking brownies); hot summer weeknights are filled with the thwack of a baseball bat, and fall right through spring is basketball—and lots of it.

New York City shopping can be intimidating, especially when your destination sits on a chic cobblestoned street in SoHo, with neighbors such as Rag & Bone and Ivanka Trump. But Roundabout, the discount and consignment retail store for the financially-conscious fashionista in you, only conjures up a sense of delight (and fiscal relief) once inside. The store is actually 25 years old, founded by Laurie Perren, and started in Greenwich, Connecticut (there are a total of four stores: one on the Upper East Side, the Soho locale, and two in Connecticut).


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