Eloise returns!

Eloise returns!


Ever since she made her print debut in 1955, Eloise--that  six-year-old, self-styled "city child" who lives at The Plaza--has been a favorite. After all, who wouldn't love to have the run of a landmark hotel, getting anything you want with the magic words "charge it, please"? She's come to symbolize not just The Plaza, but the NYC lifestyle itself—and the uninhibited joy it can inspire (perenially on the go, Eloise tends to talk in exclamation points and loooong syllables). First editions of the original Eloise, signed by author Kay Thompson and illustrator Hilary Knight, often come with $2,000 or even $3,000 price tags.

So it's rawwtherrr exciting (as little imp herself would say)  that a new series of Eloise prints, drawn by Knight, is about to launch. They're to be released throughout 2014, geared to holidays, and the first one, with a Valentine's Day theme, debuts Feb. 7. Buy one before the 17th, and they'll thrown in a copy of the first book, signed (like the prints themselves) by Knight.

Of course, The Plaza never lacks for Eloise-themed items--there's an entire pink venue, The Eloise Shop in the subterranean arcade, which also holds special events and tea parties (on the 12th and 14th of this month, respectively). But nothing beats a new piece of original Eloise art, signed by her co-creator. It might even be worth $2,000 some day.

» The Eloise Shop, The Plaza, 1 W. 58th St., 212.546.5460