Cool Techie Apps for the Traveler

Cool Techie Apps for the Traveler

Find out what events are going on in Central Park, and how to navigate its 843 acres with the Central Park app. (Courtesy Central Park Conservancy)

When bopping around the Big Apple, you will no doubt want to be referring to your phone for some key information about the city. Here are some great apps that make traveling in NYC just a little bit easier. Just go to you app store and click on these names to download:

Downtown NYC: The official app of the Downtown Culture Pass also gives users access to discounts, events, and dining experiences in New York City.

New York City Compass: Never again will visitors have to surface from the New York City subway or hop out of a cab and wonder which direction they are headed. This app tells users if they’re facing uptown, downtown, east side, west side - an essential navigational tool to help visitors on their way.

Central Park: The Central Park Conservancy has just the app for visitors to stay up to date on happenings in the park, navigate with a map, and read up on the park’s history.

Embark NYC Subway: If you plan on taking the subway while you’re traveling, this app, which operates with or without service, will help you plan your trip, stress-free, even including updates and service advisories to make the trip that much easier.

Real Pizza of New York: The app that finally tells you where to eat New York’s finest slice - now that’s an app for travelers and New Yorkers alike.