Velocity is redefining what dining out means in the digital era.

It is nice to know that some things in New York City stay exactly the same.

When I discovered there was a freestanding Nespresso store AND cafe in NYC, I had to investigate.

Those with SIDAR (serious indecision disorder at restaurants) may need to steer clear of Brookfield Place's many food options.

Cheery restaurant Latin Beet defines the word happy: A colorful mural, fresh fruit for decoration, and a rainbow of tiled stripes.

Lately, I have taken a great interest in food trends, much the way I imagine Anna Wintour avidly follows hemlines for Vogue.

Diane Arbus "Taxicab Driver at The Wheel With Two Passengers, NYC," © The Estate of Diane Arbus, LLC

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, arty traveler or music junkie, there’s something in the Big Apple for you!

Check out this pastel pink and blue-hued spot with lush hanging plants and Thai fare.

I had been curious for awhile now to go back to Aureole for dinner in the cocktail lounge.

In 2016, a panini shop in Florence, Italy came to America: Antico Noè opened its first U.S. store on the East Side of Manhattan.


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