It’s easy to check your worries at the door at 

Just in time for the Jewish New Year, Francois Payard, patisserie maker extraordinaire, unveils a collection of holiday macarons, those delectable little French sandwich cookies.

A woman walks up to the bar, attracting the gaze of a strapping Latin bartender. He asks, "How are you?" Her answer comes quick and dry. "I'll be better after a margarita." And so began my Los Americanos experience. The bar/casual restaurant hybrid has a Central and South American vibe, packing big aesthetics into a small space just South of Canal St. in Tribeca.

Let’s face it: either you’re a steak house person or you’re not. And I am, at least when it comes to Del Frisco’s Steak House in Midtown.

Five years from now, give or take a year or two either way, foodies will look back on the summer of 2013 as New York’s salad days. While there may not be a salad bar on every corner (yet), there’s a salad bar for every day of the workweek. Chop’t.

I don't want my chicken to cluck. Rather, I want it to sizzle. Sizzle-sizzle-pop as those meaty legs and juicy, white breasts are dropped in boiling oil, after being dipped in batter and spiced. I want my chicken to sing to me—songs of indulgent pleasure and carefree calorie consumption. I want my chicken to be good. Good 'n' tasty. And it was on a Sunday afternoon, hazy from a wild weekend, that I needed some fried delight to resuscitate a groggy mind.

W. 26th St., the block between Broadway and Sixth Ave., is my latest discovery. It has just about everything I like, starting with a great lunch deal. I’m not exactly a boot-scootin’ kind of guy, but I like the no-nonsense vibe and grub at Hill Country: scrubbed deal tables (communal, for the most part), rolls of paper towels for napkins, iced tea in mason jars and cafeteria-style dining.


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