Tastebuds Take Flight

Tastebuds Take Flight

In gastronomic circles, the concept of flights has, well, taken flight. It began with wine, the idea of a sampler of different varietals to compare and contrast; then it spread to other spirits, and now it's applying to food. I've seen flights of everything from foie gras to cheese.

The latest: Truffle Flights from Godiva, the Belgian chocolatier famed for goodies in a golden box. It consists of a six-pack of cacao-covered bonbons. Unlike a regular candy sampler, they're complementary, and even meant to be eaten in a certain order. There are six different collections, and between them they're bound to appeal to any chocolate lover, whether his tastes run to light (the Milk Chocolate Flight) or dark (the Dark Decadence Flight). There's one for Nut Lovers; one with different-flavored mousse fillings; one with cake-stuffed truffles. Oh, and my favorrite, the Ultimate Dessert Flight, whose fillings range from red velvet cake to tiramisu.

When I was growing up, giving boxes of Godiva chocolates--you could get them in velvet hat boxes then--was a family tradition. These truffles aren't as ornately packaged, but that's ok: Your tastebuds will feel decorated just the same.


» Godiva Truffle Flight Collections, Godiva Boutique,  650 Fifth Ave., 212.664.1258, and other locations throughout NYC 

 Photos: Courtesy of Godiva Boutique