Goodbye, Good Luck and Pass the Cupcake

Goodbye, Good Luck and Pass the Cupcake

Going-away parties are a fact of office life, whatever their raison d’être. To get over any awkwardness attached to such get-togethers, our office has lately taken to ordering from Crumbs Bake Shop, the cupcake people. Crumbs has been around since 2003, so we’re a little late in inviting them to our party. But better late than never, right?

Since there are calorie-counters and/or picky eaters in every crew, a Crumbs taste-size assortment has proven to be a safe, democratic option. That’s a dozen 1-inch tastes, ranging from red velvet and blueberry pancake to espresso and vanilla sprinkle. Crumbs bakes standard-size cupcakes, too, in these and other flavors (including the flavor of the month: caramel apple in September). But it’s the Colossal Collection that really gets the sugar rush going. Devil’s Food Colossal. Carrot Colossal. Peanut Butter Cup Colossal. The Cookies and Cream Colossal—chocolate cake, vanilla cream cheese icing, crushed sandwich cookies (think: Oreo look-alikes) on top—cries out for glasses of ice-cold milk (these are, after all, on-site, afternoon gatherings). Each Colossal serves 6-8.

This past Friday, we special-ordered a strawberry shortcake. Crumbs rose to the challenge, providing a 12-inch round that was creamy, sweet and light as air.

Please don’t get me wrong: In no way do I want to encourage people to leave the office, BUT … if it means a sweet treat from Crumbs, I (and several of my co-workers) will shed no tears and happily say, “Goodbye.”

>> Crumbs Bake Shop. There are 20 outposts in Manhattan.

Photo caption: Kid’s Favorites 6-Taste Pack