Top 5 Activities for Pregnant Moms to Do in NYC

Top 5 Activities for Pregnant Moms to Do in NYC


Prenatal Yoga Center (Courtesy Prenatal Yoga Center)


Visiting New York City can be as daunting as it is exciting. Even more so for expecting mothers. Briana Davis, Concierge for 1 Hotel Central Park who is also a mother to be, shares tips and words of wisdom for pregnant women in the city.

Davis says one of the best shops for expecting mothers to visit is on the Upper East Side. Rosie Pope Maternity and Baby “has a gorgeous selection of nursing products and classes.” 

Davis herself loves to shop at A Pea in the Pod in Macy’s at Harold Square. “This store offers the best brands of maternity clothes in case you forgot something in transit. It’s also super close to historic landmarks like the Empire State Building and the theater district so you don’t have to walk very far.” 

Davis knows that expecting mother’s need to stay in tune with their body and listen to what the baby needs. “I try to eat as healthy as possible and take this excellent water class called S’wet that keeps me strong and healthy.

Her favorite joy of being pregnant is finding new ways to relax. “Go for a stroll or bike through Central Park, take prenatal Yoga classes at Prenatal Yoga Center on the Upper West Side, or get a prenatal massage and facial at Exhale on Central Park South.”

Her main tip for expecting women is to, “wait for the next car if the subway is crowded. It’s not worth feeling claustrophobic. Otherwise, hail a cab.”

Davis loves the joy of pregnancy and sharing her advice with other expecting mothers. “I’ve always doted on pregnant women, but I feel so much more in tune with them now. It is nice to have that connection. It’s a sisterhood.”


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