The Joseph Abboud NYC flagship recently opened up shop on tony Madison Avenue.

The 16,000-square-foot jewelry mecca is located on three floors of Extell Development Co.’s new tower.

Flip-flop are a sizzling staple of summer.

Put your Kindle aside and browse the shelves of this famed bookstore.

Although it’s still summer, it’s never too soon to start thinking about fall and winter fashion. And, of course, that includes accessories.

Shop the Bay Area-based luxury shoe designer’s new Signature Collection this week!

Enjoy a sugar rush in this downtown district.

On a recent trip to SoHo, I got a chance to see how tech-savvy ladies and fellas with a love for everything beauty and grooming related shop at Birchbox.

The brand, lauded as The Toughest Watch in the world, appeals to artists, athletes, pop culture icons, plus the savvy-shopping 18- to 34-year-old crowd.

The globetrotting namesake designer will be at the Bleecker Street location tomorrow.


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