Western Footwear with City Flair

Western Footwear with City Flair

Look at the feet of just about any New Yorker this time of year and chances are you will see a sea of two particular brands: Sorel and Ugg. True, both offer durable footwear—a must for this time of year, when navigating the slippery streets of NYC can be a treacherous endeavor for even the most coordinated of city dwellers (and visitors). But, to add a touch of color and flair to any ensemble, now and any time of year, head to Space Cowboy Boots. The intimate Nolita shop is bursting at the seams with such brands as Stallion Boot Co., Old Gringo Boots, and more—plus, the store carries its own brand, Planet Cowboy, which will expand its line in spring/summer with new styles for men, women and children. Visitors can also shop belts, buckles and the store’s very own line of T-Shirts.

Those with a certain vision in mind for their new pair of cowboy boots should also check out Space Cowboy, as the folks at the store can customize boots to your specific preferences. And, when you visit, make sure to say hello to the store’s resident celebrity, Honeygirl, a cute little chihuahua that’s also immortalized on one of Space Cowboy’s T-shirts.

EXCLUSIVE to Where New York and IN New York readers, stop by the store to receive $150 off any pair of boots! For more information, click here.  



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