TurnStyle is Where to Turn for Style (and Food!)

TurnStyle is Where to Turn for Style (and Food!)

A couple months ago, a friend and I were heading to the subway at Columbus Circle and we somehow ended up underground a block too soon and found ourselves in the middle of this food court and shops and—wait a minute are those the Lush Bath Bombs that everyone is talking about? Yes, Katie. Yes they are. I felt like Dorothy when she first opened the door and stepped into the Technicolor sequence of “The Wizard of Oz,” only in addition to the bright colors everywhere, it also smelled fan-freaking-tastic (due to me standing in front of The Pizza).

Was I in some sort of alternate universe? Because how did it smell so nice and everything around me was so clean while I was underground… Did I discover a portal? And, more importantly, can I get back there again or was this a one-time thing?

Turns out I was at TurnStyle—a trendy little shopping/food court area that’s here to stay—where guests can find all sorts of accessories, as well as eat from high-quality restaurants. These places are serving food ready to either eat at the available seating or to take to-go—whether you’re on your way to catch a train at Columbus Circle, are passing by on your way to/from work or want to eat outside at nearby Central Park.

Guest looking at pressed juices from Pressed Juicery. (Courtesy of TurnStyle)

I re-visited TurnStyle recently and took a better look around. I found I was reminded a bit of the passageways at Grand Central Terminal, which makes sense because TurnStyle’s principal developer, Susan E. Fine, worked on Grand Central’s development as well. Though TurnStyle is underground and takes up far less space than the shopping and dining areas at Grand Central, TurnStyle still feels spacious and open due to its smart layout and ample lighting.

Sweet treats at Doughnuttery. (Courtesy of TurnStyle)

Also like Grand Central, there is no need to swipe your MTA card to have access to the shops and dining options. Anyone can pop down for some Starbucks, a doughnut from Doughnuttery, sweets from Dylan’s Candy Bar or juice from Pressed Juicery. TurnStyle has Fika, Meltkraft, Blossom Du Jour. There’s also an Ellary’s Greens, Greyston Bakery, Georgia’s Bakery and more!

There are also two dozen shops where you can get anything from a new phone case and charger to greeting cards to eyeglasses to accessories for your favorite dog.

One happy pup being thankful for her owner shopping at Dog & Co. (Courtesy of TurnStyle)

I grew up in the Midwest where there were malls to hang out at after school or on the weekend. TurnStyle is a much trendier step up in that it’s still somewhere to meet up with friends to grab a bite, but you can get French pastries and genuine New York pizza… and then catch a train to Lincoln Center or the Museum of Natural History.

While TurnStyle is not the only shopping destination around Columbus Circle, it does have a youthful vibe that makes it stand out on its own.

To get to TurnStyle, enter on any corner of West 57th and West 58th streets on Eighth Avenue. For more information about TurnStyle, click here.

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