Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Have you ever stayed at a fancy hotel and, once getting back home, thought to yourself “Boy, I wish a had a luxurious bed I can call my own.” Now, NYC visitors and locals can enjoy a relaxing sleep experience and take home a luxury hotel-quality bed thanks to Hästens’ Sleep Spa Boutique, which opened this past week in Chelsea.

If you aren’t readily familiar with the name, Hästens is a Swedish luxury bed and bedding company that has been on the scene since 1852. The new Chelsea outpost marks the brand’s first ground-up construction in the United States. I got to check out the shop’s offerings and new locale last week and was surprised by the size of the new space—a whopping 2,338 square feet. The brand’s distinguished history is evident throughout the shop, from furniture inspired by the 1940s, the heyday of Swedish design, to wood used in Hästens’ beds, found in subtle shout outs like the herringbone parquet floors.

To enhance a visitor’s shopping experience, the store is divided into four zones. The first zone is the store’s exterior—providing a first look at what’s to come inside. From there, Zone 2 lets sleep-focused visitors discover ways to achieve their best sleep. Zone 2 also provides an up-close look at Hästens’ sumptuous accessories and the chance to learn more about the brand’s long history.

Zone 3 is where you can take Hästens’ beds for a test run. This zone, the Sleep Spa, includes private vignettes for each bed—including carefully selected lighting, ceiling heights and color schemes. Customers are encouraged to take a load off, listen to tranquil music and even take a nap. Although you can’t go wrong with any of the Swedish company’s offerings, guests can experience the crème de la crème of Hästens’ goods in the VIP area of the Sleep Spa. This private, closed-off space houses the brand’s most luxurious bed, Vividus. The top choice will re-launch stateside this fall, FYI.  

Customization is key in the fourth and final zone. In Zone 4, visitors can customize their new bed to have the look and feel they desire.

A good night’s rest shouldn’t be limited to hotel stays. If you want to get quality shuteye at home, the team at Hästens’ new Sleep Spa Boutique is standing by to give you the tools and knowledge needed to enjoy a sound slumber.  

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