Shop Beautiful Leather Accessories at Bag in NoLIta

Shop Beautiful Leather Accessories at Bag in NoLIta

Over the years, I’ve been told that you can’t consider yourself a true New Yorker until you’ve lived in the Big Apple for 10 years. Well, this summer marks the 10-year point since I moved to NYC from the Midwest, and, after living here for a decade, I can pretty much say there aren’t too many differences between life in the “big city” versus the rest of the country.

Don't get me wrong, there are a few slight differences I’ve noticed over the years and the biggest one has to be women’s handbag preferences. To put it simply, women in NYC carry a lot of stuff with them. Because no one drives here, there’s no place to toss all the items that would most likely find a home in the trunk or the floor of your car (think workout gear, an extra pair of shoes, lunchbox…the list goes on and on). To carry all that stuff, New York ladies tend to carry pretty large bags.

When I’m in the market for a new handbag, I visit my favorite store, the aptly named Bag in NoLITa. I first visited the shop while in town on a college trip and have been returning ever since.

The intimate Mulberry Street boutique is the perfect place to find a large selection of durable leather handbags in an almost never-ending variety of rich hues. From hobos to crossbodies, the store pretty much carries every type of bag, with small styles starting at $99 while mid-range versions come with $198 to $275 price tags.

If you want a one-of-a-kind item, the local accessories designer ENGSO sells handmade leather products in the store, which range from $225 to $1,200. You can watch the designer craft these items or opt for a custom order.

For more information on Bag, visit the store’s Facebook page.   



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