Plenty of Crafting Supplies and a Helpful Staff at Purl SoHo

Plenty of Crafting Supplies and a Helpful Staff at Purl SoHo

Occupying a small space in SoHo, Purl Soho is filled to the brim with yarn, fabric and needlework accessories. I’m an amateur knitter and when I first visited the store, I was overwhelmed with options. Every yarn I touched was super soft and dyed a gorgeous color. If you need help deciding, Purl’s staff will assist you in choosing the correct tools you’ll need for your crafting project. If you buy yarn, they’ll even spin it into an easy-to-use ball.

In addition to materials, the shop also has a lot of pattern books and magazines. They offer a variety of classes in store and on their website, the store’s blog features a slew of free patterns and tutorials.

For beginning knitters, the shop sells kits with the materials needed to create hats, scarves and more. Just ask the staff for help picking out the correct size of needles. These kits also make great holiday gifts. For more experienced crafters who prefer to pick out their own materials, Purl offers another great holiday present: gift cards, which can be made out to any amount and even emailed to the recipient.

Visit Purl in SoHo or check out their website at

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