Niche Shopping in NYC

Niche Shopping in NYC

Take a closer look at New York, peer into storefront windows and there is depth to match the range of shops in a city that has something for everyone. Trust us—if you can’t find it in New York City, it probably doesn’t exist.

Beads of Paradise

What started out as a small store in the East Village in the late 1980s grew to this larger haven of handcrafted wares that has called the Flatiron District home since the 1990s. Beads of Paradise features beautiful beads from all over the world that come in a rainbow of colors and materials. This boutique is also home to ready-made textiles and accessories, honoring African and Southeast Asian cultures.

The Compleat Strategist

In business for over 25 years, this Midtown East game sanctuary has everything from board games, card games, computer games and dice games to role playing games, books about games and games about books (probably). Whether you are a gaming pro or someone who is looking to get into gaming, The Compleat Strategist has the tools you’ll need to be on your way and then some.

Fanelli Antique Timepieces Ltd.

Specializing in clock and watch sales and repairs, this Upper East Side shop services vintage, antique and new models of timepieces. The expertise of the folks at Fanelli’s has led them to be recommended by the likes of Tiffany & Co. and Sotheby’s, among others. A female-owned company established in 1969, Fanelli’s embraces the concept that “time is our most precious resource.” Let them help you keep your precious resource running smoothly.

Fountain Pen Hospital

Founded in 1946 by the father and son team of Al and Phil Wiederlight, and now run by Al’s sons Terry and Steve Wiederlight, along with director of operations Ed Fingerman, Fountain Pen Hospital has quite a collection of writing implements. At the lower Manhattan shop, visitors will find the world’s largest inventory of vintage fountain pens that were made between the 1880s and 1960s. A lot of these pens are one of a kind, making them unique finds for pen enthusiasts. In addition to fountain pens, customers can find rollerball pens and mechanical pencils for sale as well.

Goorin Bros.

Established in 1895 by Cassel Goorin and renamed in 1921 by his sons Alfred and Ted, Goorin Bros. continues to pride itself on finding the perfect hat for an individual’s face shape. Straw hats or cloth hats—each hat is American made with quality materials. There’s a style for everyone and every one is stylish. The store has several locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Rain or Shine

A good umbrella is a precious commodity in New York City. Since 2002, Rain or Shine offers a wide selection of functional and fashionable rain-blockers, in addition to parasols (for your sun-blocking needs) and walking canes. Choose from a selection of dark or brightly colorful solids or pretty paisley and plaid patterns for the umbrellas/parasols.

Pictured: BEads of Paradise, Fountain Pen Hospital

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