New York Men’s Day Kicks Off Fashion Week with a Fall 2015 Preview

New York Men’s Day Kicks Off Fashion Week with a Fall 2015 Preview


Last week, before New York Fashion Week (NYFW) officially began, I visited Industria Superstudios in the West Village for New York Men’s Day (NYMD). This two-part presentation has been held the day before NYFW for the past few seasons as a way to include a bit of menswear in the mostly female-dominated fashion scene. At this season’s NYMD, a handful of menswear designers like Ernest Alexander and Luis Castro displayed their upcoming fall 2015 collections. Here’s what to expect:

Carlos Campos’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was one of my favorites last season, with colorful short-suits and a Wes Anderson aesthetic. For next fall, Campos’s collection was much more subdued, featuring darker hues of black and navy, plus warmer layers like vests, windbreakers and pea coats.

With country music and hay bales, David Hart’s presentation echoed his collection’s old west theme. The clothes stuck to a red, beige and navy color scheme and featured over-the-top pieces like fuzzy wool pants and even a raccoon hat. There were also a few lower-key items like southwest-style sweaters and an orange and blue tweed suit.

David Hart

Featuring classic styles and fall colors, Ernest Alexander’s collection leaned toward a preppy, outdoorsy look that to me said New England. I was close enough, as the designer came up with the concept at a cabin in upstate New York. Included in the collection were a plaid suit, an ombre pea coat and plenty of accessories like cozy scarves and leather briefcases.

Fingers Crossed’s collection featured a nautical assortment of sea-worthy outfits. Most models donned raincoats over sailor-style stripes and a few wore fishermen’s rain caps pulled low over their faces.

GARCIAVELEZ stuck with basic black, navy and gray suits with skinny-legged pants and tiered fabric jackets.

Known for their baseball caps, Gents parlayed their sporty look into upscale sweatshirts and sweatpants—including one leather sweatsuit.

Fingers Crossed

Hickey Freeman’s creative director David Hart cited his inspiration for this collection as early American aviation. While many of the outfits featured preppy sweaters and blazers with button-downs, others included jackets and brimmed hats fit for a pilot.

Lucio Castro’s presentation was full of geometric patterns, including squares, triangles, swirls and what appeared to be guitar picks. One of my favorite looks was a monochrome outfit featuring shades of maroon with subtle patterns. The designer paired a marled cranberry-colored sweater over a red shirt with slightly darker burgundy plaid pants. A few other looks combined shorts with knee-high socks for a more dressed-up and slightly warmer way to bring the typically summer-casual bottoms to fall.

Check out more from these designers’ collections below:

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