New York Men’s Day Brings Top Menswear Designers to Fashion Week

New York Men’s Day Brings Top Menswear Designers to Fashion Week

Today begins New York Fashion Week, a weeklong series of runway shows and presentations during which top designers show the industry a preview of the next season’s trends. For the most part, the clothing and accessories on display are made for women, but New York Men’s Day—an event that takes place the day before Fashion Week starts—showcases a handful of menswear designers. Last night, I attended the second half of the 10-designer presentation. Here’s what to expect from these five designers in spring 2015:

Original Penguin – The sporty label featured casual outfits in preppy colors like navy and peach. The bouncy pop soundtrack and inclusion of a few floral patterns gave the collection a beach-ready feel.

Stephen F – Using female models to display their spring collection, this menswear line was comprised mostly of suits—including shorts-suits for warmer weather. The bright colors of the clothing, like highlighter-yellow and pinkish-purple, combined with live, twinkling harp music to evoke a dreamlike theme.

Bespoken – This collection featured neutral shades of black and navy. The business-like clothing was paired with simple sneakers for a more casual look. 

Carlos Campos – Walking into this designer’s presentation felt like arriving on the set of a Wes Anderson movie. The background music—which sounded like an orchestral version of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black—would have fit perfectly on an Anderson soundtrack and the collection’s clothing—full of blocks of color and simple silhouettes—looked like something borrowed from the director’s costume closet. 

Antonio Azzuolo – It was fitting that Men’s Day took place soon after the start of the fall semester as this collection felt like a stylish take on school uniforms. The draping fabrics and mostly black-and-white color palette also gave it a goth tinge.

Check out a few photos from the collections below:

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