Citizen Watch Debuts New Line and Partnered on Panel Featuring Kelly Clarkson

Citizen Watch Debuts New Line and Partnered on Panel Featuring Kelly Clarkson

New from the Ambiluna collection (Courtesy Citizen Watch)

Citizen Watch's “Better Starts Now,” “Brave is Beautiful” and “Beauty is Beauty” campaigns celebrate the present and point you toward an exciting future. With stylish Eco-Drive watch lines, Citizen Watch creates timepieces that will keep track of time, as well as save you some. These watches are powered by light, which means they never need new batteries. You’ll never have to worry about your watch quitting on you when you need it the most.

New for Citizen Watch this season is the Citizen L Ambiluna collection for women that epitomizes the brand’s ethos that a beautiful thing comes from a beautiful mind, or rather that “external beauty simply reflects inner beauty.” These luxury watches are fashionable and sustainable—and as powerful and strong as the women they were designed for. This collection includes a Limited Edition watch made with Super Titanium and a special Nishijin textile (specifically made for this line to create the elegant strap). Architect Sou Fujimoto served as the inspiration for this collection that was supervised by fashion journalist Yoshiko Ikoma.

The Citizen L Ambiluna collection also features a line of bangle/bracelet watches featuring a “Urushi drop” (which is a style popular in traditional Japanese lacquerware), as well as a "wearable light” line that showcases a minimalist design with a simple stainless steel casing and sapphire glass face.


Last week I attended the S.H.E. Summit panel (in partnership with Citizen Watch) with the topic of “Invest Your Time in ‘What Matters’ Over ‘Having It All.’” Moderated by S.H.E. Global Media founder Claudia Chan, panel members included Grammy Award-winning recording artist and Citizen Watch Brand Ambassador Kelly Clarkson, Vegan Chef and Citizen Watch Representative Chloe Coscarelli, as well as Executive Vice President of Marketing for Citizen Watch Ellen Seckler. These four women spoke about making the most of one’s time and finding a balance among self-care, family and a successful career.

As someone who constantly makes to-do lists to prioritize what I need to get done, it was inspiring to hear these women speak about how they tackle their days and achieve their goals. While I cannot compare my lifestyle and career to theirs, their stories of struggles and triumphs were still very much relatable. To quote Clarkson, “Everybody’s got their own busy,” and this panel was a way to observe strong, confident women describe how they devote time to what is most important to them.

Clarkson joked how she has a whole song about dealing with every task on your own (“Miss Independent”), but commented how it’s important to ask for help even though there are societal pressures for women to bear their burdens alone. Seckler commented that women should never apologize for self-confidence because that trait is a strength.

Seckler also remarked that she works in time and has none of it, so she makes a point to have alone time for herself. Chloe echoed this sentiment and said to not let others make your schedule for you. Even when you’re busy, you have to take some time—even if it’s just a moment or two—to center yourself so that you can continue on with whatever it is you are doing.

We might not be able to do absolutely every single thing that we want to do right this second—but if you use your time doing something that matters, it will be time well spent.

As the panel came to a close, Clarkson told the crowd, “No one’s got it figured out. And there’s no time like the present to be yourself. Enjoy what you’re doing… so get outta my way!” We all laughed, but her words stayed with me. We all have the same amount of minutes in a day to work with—why not use them doing what matters most to you?

Citizen Watch wants to help women do just that!

From left, Chloe Coscarelli, Ellen Seckler, Claudia Chan and Kelly Clarkson—the latter who is wearing Citizen Watch

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