Get Your Pop Art Fix at Pop International

Get Your Pop Art Fix at Pop International

Pop International Galleries relocated to 195 Bowery in April 2016 but is still the same entity that makes collecting art fun and accessible for everyone—whether you are brand new to the art scene or are looking to add to your already impressive collection.

The artists whose works are represented by Pop International are from all over the world and represent various aspects of popular culture via different media. I know when I think of Pop Art, I immediately picture Andy Warhol and his Campbell’s Soup cans from 1962 or his silkscreen Marilyn Monroe piece (“Marilyn Diptych,” also from 1962). And while Pop International does sell Warhol’s art, there are so many other amazing artists’ works to see and purchase at this gallery!

Before and after art of "The Cat in the Hat" from "The Secret Work of Dr. Seuss" (©Pop International)

The works of Dr. Seuss played a huge role in my childhood, so it was a real treat getting to see Pop International’s “The Secret Work of Dr. Seuss” display. (Yes—you can buy the artwork of Dr. Seuss here!) You can find prints and sculptures of familiar characters from his famous books (“The Cat in the Hat,” “Green Eggs and Ham,” “Hop on Pop”), but also much darker works that were never featured in his children’s books.

There are metal sculptures made out of coffee cans by Leo Jensen and Bob Gruen’s famous photograph of John Lennon wearing his round black shades and that bright white New York City shirt. Sean Sullivan has this great piece featuring Adam West as Batman (among other colorful paintings). Robin Antar’s stone sculpture of an opened bag of Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies looks so real you’ll want to eat them. She’s also done Oreos, condiment bottles, boxing gloves and more—all carved out of stone. I think Danish painter Ole Ahlberg’s series of works that feature a bewildered Tintin with scantily clad femme fatales are amazing and are now on my wish list for art I would love to hang in my home someday.

I had no idea who Antar or Ahlberg were before I stopped by Pop International, but now I’m hooked… that’s what kind of establishment this is. For everything you see, there is that much more to learn. Pop International’s knowledgeable staff is a great resource to find out more about all the art and artists at the gallery. It’s okay if you are naïve about art (like I admittedly am)—if you ask questions, you will get answers and stories and a genuine appreciation for the colorful artwork that surrounds you here.

There truly is something for everyone at Pop International and this is a great place to go to add to (or start!) your art collection.

Pop International changes up what is on display fairly regularly, so there is always a new artist to (re)discover or a different piece of artwork to enjoy when you stop in.

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