Experience Magic Up Close at Lotte New York Palace

Experience Magic Up Close at Lotte New York Palace

Steve Cohen invites the audience to watch his card tricks closely. (Courtesy Chamber Magic)

Before seeing Steve Cohen, known as “The Millionaires’ Magician,” perform his critically-acclaimed parlor magic show, “Chamber Magic,” I had never seen a magician in person before. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I took my seat. The unexpected, right? Expect the unexpected?

Yes. Exactly!

From card tricks to telepathy, to linking wedding rings and making a brick appear, Cohen marveled the crowd that consisted of many first timers like me, as well as a handful of people who had seen his act before. Judging by the gleeful confusion of one of these repeat audience members, a second (or third or more) viewing of Cohen’s show doesn’t necessarily answer any questions of how he does it.

But maybe that’s the point!

I was pleasantly surprised how exhilarating it was to be filled with such wonder and awe during the performance. That maybe it is possible to read someone’s mind or control a deck of cards in someone else’s hands. That maybe you can pour any drink out of a metal teakettle. It's hard not to be impressed by Cohen’s expert skills, delivery and ability to work an audience. The fact that everything is done so close up and quickly just adds to the overall magic of this entertaining experience.

Cohen himself is very personable, funny and charming. Yes, he pokes fun at the audience, but it’s never malicious or cruel. There’s something so wholesome and unifying about a roomful of people collectively laughing together about their own bafflement. 

Seeing "Chamber Magic" was such a fun way to spend time in the city! I saw the show with a friend, but there were several families (including some with children who looked to be around middle school age), couples on dates and other little groups in attendance. You can definitely see “Chamber Magic” alone, but having a familiar face around is quite comforting when the mindboggling begins. 

Cohen has performed for the likes of Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Stephen Sondheim, Carl Sagan, Martha Stewart and Guillermo del Toro, among other notable folks, and has done “Chamber Magic” since 1999. “Chamber Magic” is performed five times over Friday (7 & 9 pm) and Saturday (2, 7 & 9 pm), often to sold-out audiences—so book your tickets fast before those for your preferred date… disappear. (Yes, I went there.) The full performance schedule and tickets can be found here. Dress code is cocktail attire. 

Lotte New York Palace is located at 455 Madison Ave. (btw E. 50th & 51st sts.). You do not have to be a hotel guest to attend “Chamber Magic,” but you do need to reserve your ticket in advance.

You need to see Steve Cohen's "Think-A-Drink" trick to believe it... and maybe even then you still won't believe it! (Courtesy Chamber Magic)

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