Direct Access to Fantastic Theater with BroadwayHD

Direct Access to Fantastic Theater with BroadwayHD

Cast of the enchanting Off-Broadway play, "The Woodsman" (©Matt Murphy)

BroadwayHD is the online streaming service that gives subscribers access to more than 150 full-length musicals and stage plays. Whether you’re a huge theater buff or are new to watching live theatrical productions, BroadwayHD provides a generous selection of shows from Broadway, Off-Broadway, the West End and more to enjoy at your leisure.

This is a great service for people who seek access to top-tier professional theater or are eager to watch performances of shows from the past. Whether it’s the recent past (newly available productions from 2016 include the Off-Broadway plays “The Woodsman” and “Buried Child”) or from the early 1970s (including “The Iceman Cometh” and “A Delicate Balance,” the latter which stars Katharine Hepburn). If you can’t catch the present production of “Cats” on Broadway, you can stream the filmed version of the original cast from the 1980s. Or if you want to re-live favorite shows like “Billy Elliot the Musical,” you can stream the West End version as many times as you want.

This summer, BroadwayHD made history by live streaming Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of the “She Loves Me” Broadway revival starring Zachary Levi and Laura Benanti. This was the first time a (then) currently running Broadway show was broadcast live, in its entirety, online.

Laura Benanti and Zachary Levi in "She Loves Me," the Broadway revival live streamed on BroadwayHD in summer of 2016 (©Joan Marcus)

I moved to NYC a few years ago specifically so I could attend as many Broadway and Off-Broadway shows as I can, but I still rely on BroadwayHD to quench my thirst for theater. This service has allowed me to catch up on some recent shows that I missed seeing in person (the 2013 revival of “Romeo and Juliet” starring Orlando Bloom), re-watch some of my favorite musicals I’ve seen before (the 2007 revival of “Company”), experience internationally beloved shows for the very first time (the 2012 “Jesus Christ Superstar Live Arena Tour”) and catch a film adaptation of a play co-starring the late, great Gene Wilder that came out well before I was born (“Rhinoceros” from 1974). I’ve seen at least three versions of “Hamlet” over the years, but that won’t stop me from watching the New York Shakespeare Festival’s 1990 production starring and co-directed by Kevin Kline. 

But, again, BroadwayHD is not just for theatre nerds like me… it’s for everyone! It’s okay if you don’t know your Sondheim shows from your Webber musicals—Broadway HD will not judge you. In fact, Broadway HD is the perfect way to figure out what kinds of shows you do like from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can sing along with the casts to your heart’s content and no one can shush you.

(I’ll let you in on a little secret—as much as I love live theater, I’ve never seen any stage versions of “The Phantom of the Opera” or “Les Misérables” before. The 25th Anniversary concerts of both shows are presently available on BroadwayHD. I might have to watch those next…)

To watch a production via BroadwayHD, guests must go to the website and purchase a subscription or pay for an individual rental. These options allow you the flexibility to have access to every show in the BroadwayHD collection or choose what you want to watch à la carte. Shows can be streamed to PCs, mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku or via Google Chromecast. (Please note that those using Apple TV and Roku to stream will not have the individual rental option.) For information about starting service, click here.

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