Dena Blizzard is "One Funny Mother"

Dena Blizzard is "One Funny Mother"

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“One Funny Mother” is a one-mom show written by and starring Dena Blizzard, Miss New Jersey 1995 and a parent thrice over, who sugarcoats nothing about the realities of being a mother. I’m not a mom, but that didn’t stop me from laughing so hard that multiple times I had to wipe tears out from under my glasses. Blizzard’s stories still hit close to home because I have a mom and I also know plenty of other superwomen who raise(d) kids, take care of a household and puts everyone else’s well beings ahead of her own. Everyone’s mom is at least a little bit funny, and Blizzard takes that humor and runs with it. Or rather, folds clothes with it. So many clothes. Because the laundry is never done, is it?

The show takes place in a living room that has toys to pick up, laundry to fold and a table to set. It’s Blizzard’s day off, but as all moms know, there is a never-ending list of chores to be done. As Blizzard tells her stories, she cleans her way through the mess and changes her wardrobe throughout her day, until it’s time for her to go out and meet up with some friends. She shares the weird conversations she has with her kids, gossips about her friends/other moms she knows and hilariously recounts how her life has changed since becoming a mother. Instead of being a cautionary tale, her musings act as more of a bonding agent—empowering women to embrace the craziness that is motherhood.

Though there were definitely a good number of men in attendance at the performance I saw, the majority of the audience was women. Getting to be both surrounded by and a part of such a large group of women guffawing with genuine laughter was really special. We weren’t laughing at Blizzard, we were laughing with her and because of her. I heard so many offhand “oh my god, me too” and “hahahaha YES” comments throughout the show. As a mom, you probably feel that no one else could possibly understand the zaniness you go through on a daily basis, but “One Funny Mother” ensures you that you are definitely not alone. Blizzard has your back. (And a stash of hidden alcohol bottles all over her living room…)

I also loved how in between scene changes, there were videos of moms (and one awesome dad) being interviewed about themselves and their families. Their responses ranged from surprising to heartbreaking, but everyone was just so relatable. Is this what group therapy feels like? Because even though I’m not a mom, seeing this show was super-cathartic.

Being a mom is the most under-appreciated job of all time and this show rightfully gives credit where credit is far overdo—to moms, among the most amazing and funny people you will ever have the privilege of knowing.

A fun outing for anyone who is a mom, has a mom or knows a mom, “One Funny Mother” is performed on Thursday and Saturday evenings at New World Stages. Ticket are presently on sale through Sept. 3.

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