Beloved Broadway Star Idina Menzel Leads New Musical, If/Then

Beloved Broadway Star Idina Menzel Leads New Musical, If/Then

Courtesy of If/Then

Earlier this week, I got to see the new Broadway musical If/Then, starring Tony-winning actress Idina Menzel. Menzel, known for her roles in Broadway’s Rent and Wicked, recently voiced a character in Disney’s animated musical Frozen and stars alongside Rent co-star Anthony Rapp and The Color Purple’s LaChanze.

The show follows two storylines. In one, Menzel’s Elizabeth is nicknamed “Liz” by her sassy neighbor Kate (LaChanze) and falls in love with military doctor Josh (James Snyder). In the other, she is nicknamed “Beth” by her mopey college boyfriend Lucas (Rapp) and focuses on her dream of becoming a city planner, working for a grad school friend Stephen (Jerry Dixon). In both worlds, Liz/Beth over-thinks each decision she makes and considers how her life would turn out differently if she had followed a different path.

In the performance I saw, the show opened on Menzel, standing alone on a fire escape speaking into a phone. “Hey, it’s me,” she said, followed immediately by nearly a full minute of the audience’s applause. Throughout the play, Menzel’s show-stopping performances made it easy to see why the actress is so beloved by Broadway fans. I’ve previously enjoyed her recorded music, but her voice sounded much more powerful and passionate live.

In addition to Menzel’s songs, LaChanze’s performance as Kate was equally enthralling. Always ready with a quip, her loveable character was fun-loving and hilarious, playing off the more serious characters around her.

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