5 Broadway Shows You Should Watch With Your Kids

5 Broadway Shows You Should Watch With Your Kids


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Written by: Sonia Weiser


If your kids believe that the theater’s just a place their parents go on date-night, then they don’t know what they’re missing.


BroadwayHD makes it easy to prove them wrong with a variety of kid-appropriate productions designed to transport young ones to new worlds.


‘Wind in the Willows’: Creatures who rarely get their chance at stage time finally have the opportunity in the 2017 musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s beloved children’s novel. Follow along on the adventures of amphibians, rodents and even a mammal or two as they forge friendships and solve crimes.


‘Cats’: The award-winning, Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based off of poems by T.S. Eliot has enraptured audiences since its London debut in 1981 and it will undoubtedly captivate your home-viewers as well. The felines’ energetic pouncing and prancing and elaborate costumes complete with furry faces will inspire and impress your kids.


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‘Disney’s Broadway Hits’: Fans of Disney’s classics and recent blockbusters alike can hear their favorite familiar tunes like “Let it Go” from “Frozen” and “Under the Sea” from “The Little Mermaid,” while those who’ve never seen the Broadway production of “The Lion King” will delight in hearing the original songs “Shadowland” and “They Live in You” for the first time.


‘A Christmas Carol’: Though it may not be Christmas without watching “The Muppets Christmas Carol,” there are other adaptations worth giving a shot. Dickens’ holiday classic received the TV-musical treatment in 2004 in a production with music by Alen Menken (“The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin”) starring Kelsey Grammer, Jason Alexander, Jesse L. Martin and Jane Krakowski among other recognizable actors (to you at least).



‘Old Hats’: Bill Irwin and David Shiner’s take on vaudeville combines traditional clowning with modern technology, enhancing the comedians’ physical comedy with sound effects that are often hilarious on their own. Kids will love the goofy, light-hearted slapstick and everyone will appreciate singer Shaina Taub’s musical interludes for providing your belly a break from laughing so hard.


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