Cookie Time Happy Hour

Cookie Time Happy Hour

Cookies from Schmackary’s (Anna Ratman)

We were having a Friday afternoon staff pizza lunch in the office, so what better time and place could there be for a cookie party? Finishing off the week with a few NYC slices and some new cookies from the famous Hell’s Kitchen cookie bakery, Schmackary’s, sounded like just the ticket, and so we did. The new summer menu at the cookie haven included some mouth-watering temptations such as  Sch’mores, Caramel Delight, Maple Bacon and Red Velvet, but I decided to have my colleagues sample the two cocktail-inspired ones, Pina Colada and Mint Mojito. The oversized, chewy cookies were thus broken up into little pieces so that everyone around the table got to try them out.

Both cookies were distinctive in flavoring: the Pina Colada cookie brought to the tongue the sweet and sweet/tart sensations of a colada’s pineapple and coconut, finished off with a slightly salty crunch. Meanwhile, the Mint Mojito was perfumed with that cooling scent and taste of fragrant mint and had a stronger salty finish, just like a classic mojito cocktail does.

But, then again, we didn't expect anything less than explosive flavor in these thick, large yummy cookies, what Schmackary’s rests its reputation on. Krispie Treats, Schmackaroons, Brownies, a large variety of colorful cookie flavors, along with juices, shakes, milk and ice-cream sandwiches are what you will find at this cookie storefront sensation, which has been keeping the sweet tooth of New Yorkers and visitors satisfied since opening in 2012.

Cookie monsters of the world, unite at Schmackary’s: you will be glad you did!

>>Schmackary’s, 362 W. 45th St., 646.801.9866

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