Coffee and More

Coffee and More

A Singapore latte at Coffeemania (Courtesy Coffeemania)

I actually discovered Coffeemania a couple of months ago, when I was looking for a convenient restaurant for a pre-theater dinner. Despite its name, suggesting the place was more a coffee bar than anything else, I was delighted to find that the sleek, airy space across from Bryant Park in Midtown was a full-service French, Asian and Russian-influenced spot with a menu of wide-ranging dishes. Dishes ran the gamut from a salad of baked eggplant and goat cheese to a rabbit burger to boscht soup to osso buco saffron. That night I picked two appetizers for dinner instead of an entrée. The plate of addictively crispy Brussels sprouts with Chinese sausage and chili-lime vinaigrette was a sure-fire winner, as were the Josper wings, fat, oversized and meaty chicken wings, sweetened with a soy-honey butter glaze.

The Coffeemania “name,” though, had me curious, and a quick look at the non-alcoholic beverage menu did show a good variety of coffees, teas and hot chocolates. So, as I was strolling past the restaurant on a recent Wednesay morning on my way to the office, it seemed like perfect timing to stop in and investigate a new kind of coffee-to-go.

Apparently, no easy feat. The coffee choices alone were tantalizing and overwhelming: Forest Berry Kenya, Flat White, sweet coffees with names like Raf Coffee (which, according to the menu, was Moscow’s best-seller, coffee with the taste and texture of ice cream), Latte Halva, Pâte á Bombe and others. Finally, I decided on a Pour Over, which then again, needed another decision (Which type of coffee? I went with Ethiopian, which the barrister waiting on me assured me was the strongest of the pour-over choices). The coffee was out of this world: rich and bold, just my style.

Nice to know, when I want something exotic for an early morning pick-me-up, there is a place just down the road for us coffeemaniacs!


>> Coffeemania, 5 Bryant Park, 212.221.2510


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