Top 4 Spots to Enjoy National Dumpling Day

Top 4 Spots to Enjoy National Dumpling Day

Courtesy Pinch Chinese


Pinch Chinese

Pinch Chinese is a well sought-after destination in SoHo offering a playful yet modern menu of Chinese comfort food. Led by Chef Charlie Chen, the restaurant serves a variety of scrumptious dumplings and for National Dumpling Day guests can enjoy $5 dumplings all day long. This includes the signature Chicken Soup, Surf + Turf, Mushroom and Bacon Egg & Cheese. Through the exposed kitchen, guests can watch the chefs as they work – kneading, cutting, filling, and pinching each dumpling to perfection.



Courtesy Sen Sakana


At Sen Sakana in midtown, Executive Chef Mina Newman honors Nikkei cuisine, a style of food created by the culmination of Japanese immigrants in Peru. Experience this intercultural exchange of cuisine with Sen Sakana’s Shrimp Crab Gyoza ($15), a decadent dish that features a crispy veil, lime ponzu, cilantro, and cancha.


Courtesy DaDong


DaDong, located near Bryant Park, serves enticing Beijing-style dumplings packed with a classic Chinese filling called “three delicacies,” which includes a mixture of ground pork, shrimp, and chopped chives. For a larger crowd, guests can share a plate of Steamed Dumplings with black vinegar from the a la carte menu for $18. For a small bite to pair with wine, the Pan-fried Dumplings ($9) from DaDong’s Bar Snack Menu are an excellent option.


Courtesy Almayass


For a Lebanese-Armenian take on dumplings, head over to Almayass in the Flatiron District and try their fan-favorite Mantee ($23). Mantee are delicious tiny treasures made of homemade boat-shaped dough filled with your choice of seasoned ground meat or spinach; after baking a sauce, made from tomato paste and chicken broth, is poured over the dumplings. The dish is served with a garlic yogurt sauce on the side for extra flavor and texture. You can also find the dish on the mezze tasting menu at Almayass’ new mezze lounge located next door.


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