Tasting Local Ciders at Edible Manhattan's Good Cider

Tasting Local Ciders at Edible Manhattan's Good Cider

Hazzlit’s Honest to the Core Hard Cider

Nothing enhances your week like a three-hour-long tasting event that can successfully give you enough food and drink to make your tummy smile. I was lucky enough to attend Edible Manhattan’s First Annual Good Cider tasting event on March 10th, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. Despite the name, Edible Manhattan hosts several annual events throughout the boroughs. Usually the events are centered on leading local restaurants, wineries or breweries. So, it’s only fair that they finally host a cider tasting event.

The great thing about the Good Cider event is that it supports local apple farmers in the New York area. There were micro-cider makers filling dozens of tables throughout the TriBeCa venue, all with extremely unique and creative options available for the taking. Or should I say tasting? Personally, I’m a big fan of cider. It’s usually lighter on the stomach than beer and generally tasty with its crisp fresh apple flavor.

While there were so many ciders to choose from and so many of them had something special to offer, I felt compelled to put together a top five list of ciders from the event. I tried to stick with options that I don’t see frequently, but now I will definitely go out of my way to find:

5. Naked Flock Hudson Valley Hard Cider: While it’s a hard cider, it’s also kind of like an apple champagne. Taking their cider to classy levels, Naked Flock’s cider is sparkling and dry, yet still reminiscent of apples with its bouts of sweetness. These Hudsoners make their cider with champagne yeast and local honey, making it a really fine choice for formal house parties or an alternative New Year’s toast—or maybe that’s just me thinking ahead.

4. Yankee Folly Cidery: A really appropriate cider for those who enjoy their cider the classic nice and sweet way! What I really enjoyed about Yankee Folly was their way of making it sweet and smooth without going too far into the fruit juice zone.

Edible Manhattan’s first annual Good Cider tasting event

3. Harvest Moon Cidery: Looking for more than apples in your cider? Look no further! Harvest Moon had the tastiest selection of fruit ciders, including a Cherry Moon Cider and a Red Barn Raspberry Cider. They also had an interesting Four Screw Hard Cider with maple syrup. With a sweet tooth like mine, the Four Screw was my favorite of the three.

2. Hazzlit’s Honest to the Core Hard Cider: This was honestly one of the most refreshing ciders I tasted the entire night. With an amazing balance that made it perfectly sweet, light and crisp, it made me truly nostalgic of a warm summer day. I hope to bump into some more of these as the warmer weather approaches.

1. Nine Pin Hard Cider: I’m a sucker for risky flavor combinations and drink creativity, and in this department Nine Pin took the cake. For that matter, it took first place! They served up an amazing line up of ginger cider, Belgian-style cider and butternut cider. All of those are as delicious as you’re thinking and they were executed to perfection. I’m no cider expert, but I know flavor when I taste it.

Not only did I get to learn about so many new cider makers throughout the state, but also there was so much delicious food! Among the restaurants present was Pazzi Pizza, serving up some of its most popular pasta dishes. Their main event was the Nero di Seppia or semolina with cuttlefish ink in a smoked salmon sauce. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything like it! Gramercy Tavern offered a heavenly gift of braised beef cheek on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. The beef cheek's tenderness could give any steakhouse a run for its money. Grace’s Marketplace was there too, with silky caramel-doused mini flans that kept me coming back for more.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to drink beer, cider and wine while tasting what NYC’s best restaurants have to offer, then Edible Manhattan events are for you. The selections encompass a lot of varying foods and flavors. If you’re open to drinking on a weekday and having a three-hour-indulgence fest, then keep an eye out for their upcoming events. If you want to treat someone to a nice day out or get a group of friends to do something fun together, then the $50 tickets will be a more than worthy expense. Although the $50 price tag might seem steep to some, I would testify that a night out in NYC would rack you a similar bill anyway. Plan ahead and get there early, but most of all treat yo’self.

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