Poultry Galore At Le Coq Rico

Poultry Galore At Le Coq Rico

There are tons of steak houses in NYC, but very few (if any) high-end eateries devoted to poultry…and I don't mean fried chicken. Le Coq Rico, a new bistro that recently opened in the Flatiron District, places the spotlight on elevated poultry dishes. The brainchild of three-Michelin-starred Chef Antoine Westermann (the restaurant’s name even means “The Bistro of Beautiful Birds” in French, FYI), the new eatery, with a prominent place in the historic Gabay building, includes a show kitchen, whitewashed brick and rough-hewn hemlock wood-slatted walls and white oak floors repurposed from a barn. The space also features a multimedia installation of a rooster by artist Doug Fitch.

The airy restaurant is the perfect place to sample a variety of menu items featuring hen, rooster, squab, guinea fowl and duck—from Velouté of Chicken soup and Artichokes à la Barigoule with sautéed guinea fowl to whole bird entrées meant for sharing, like the Duck Rohan and Brune Landaise. If you’re a fan of eggs, the menu features an entire section devoted to the breakfast staple (think Soft-Boiled Egg with Salmon Roe & Butter Soldiers and Deviled Eggs with Marinated Octopus & Cumin Cabbage Salad).

Patrons can pair their selections with classic French and American libations, such as the Cheek to Chick cocktail, as well as poultry-friendly wines.

To see the complete lunch and dinner menu, click here.


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