Poke and Macarons!

Poke and Macarons!

Just when I thought poke bowls in NYC couldn’t get better, it has. This new trend of bowls of fresh, sushi-grade fish with veggies, light dressings, ginger and sushi rice is popping up all over town in high quality, casual, eat-in or take-out joints, and I for one, could not be happier. I mean, how often do you feel like you are eating both indulgently and heathily at the same time?.

Oceana Poke—from the team that brought this city the fine seafood Midtown establishment, Oceana—has been busy in the kitchen crafting desserts. New additions to the menu now include macarons, in a large assortment of flavors and colors, flavored with sobacha (buckwheat), gluten-free (for those who need to know that), and filled with cream. Sushi rice pudding is topped with a mango-ginger spoon, and for a refreshing drink to go with these after-lunch treats, mango-pineapple-yuzu green tea: a mouthful in more ways than one. Yuzu, a highly-tart juice, is tempered by the sugary sweetness of the pineapple, and is a spectacular way to finish off your meal.

If, however you are only going for the savory, there is plenty to choose from at Oceana Poke: You can dig into bowls, large and small, of salmon, octopus, swordfish, seafood citrus, chicken, or mix and match, with additions that include hazelnuts, tomato, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, sweet onions, avocado, edamame and more.

A poke bowl and macarons is a sweet, sweet lunch, indeed.


Macarons at Oceana Poke


 >>Oceana Poke, 1700 Broadway at W. 53rd St., 212.713.0033

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