New Authentic Ramen Spot Opens in Times Square Tomorrow

New Authentic Ramen Spot Opens in Times Square Tomorrow

Courtesy ICHIRAN


ICHIRAN, the world’s leading expert in Tonkotsu ramen will be opening its doors to its third and largest U.S. location in Times Square on March 28th. The family-owned business started in Fukuoka as a ramen stall in 1960 and created the “Five Originals” for Tonkotsu ramen including Original Spicy Red Sauce, aromatic Tonkotsu broth, solo dining booths, order forms and the Kae-Dama ordering system.


The new restaurant in Times Square will have bi-level seating with collapsible wooden dividers, so guests can dine solo or with a group. The downstairs level will be opening in April. The space features stained wood paneling and windows that look like rice paper. The signature colors of red, green and black are highlighted throughout the space and red lanterns will hang above to guide guests to their seats. The solo concentration booths will feature a red and black stool, foldable wooden dividers, a bamboo screen, where one will only see a set of hands when each dish is presented, and a call button for the staff.


Be sure to try the star of the show the Tonkotsu ramen comprised of the Hakata-style homemade thin noodles, which are prepared daily; the classic Tonkotsu broth made with purest filtered water and pork bones and the Original Spicy Red Sauce (Hiden no Tare), a togarashi pepper-based sauce aged and cooked slowly with more than 30 different types of spices, which is ICHIRAN’s greatest secret.


Each ramen bowl can be tailored to the diner’s taste with choices of dashi flavoring, richness levels, garlic, scallion, Chashu (sliced pork), Hiden no Tare and noodle textures. Other toppings and sides include marinated pork loin, Kikurage mushrooms, soft-boiled egg, dried seaweed, white rice and Osukaran vinegar. You can also order extra toppings as well as noodle refills known as Kae-Dama, which can be ordered by guests placing the Kae-Dama plate on the sensor at the corner of the table to play a melody signaling a staff member. So while you’re checking out the sites in Times Square, stop in for a hot bowl of ramen goodness while it's still a little chilly outside.


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