Have You Heard of the Superstar 19-year-old Chef in NYC?

Have You Heard of the Superstar 19-year-old Chef in NYC?

Chef Flynn (©Chloe Horseman Photography)


Wait, so you haven’t heard about the 19-year-old chef that’s killing it out here in NYC? Well, let me be the first. Chef Flynn McGarry of restaurant GEM in the Lower East Side is doing a special collaborative brunch with Chef Ian Lowell Lichtenstein of The Maidstone Restaurant at the hotel, Sunday, August 26th from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. This special event coincides with McGarry film screening August 25 of “Chef Flynn”, which is set to be released in theaters all over the country this November. The documentary follows his cooking journey beginning at age 12, where he begins cooking elaborate dishes, hosting supper clubs in his Mother’s home, and working in some of the best restaurants alongside notable chefs such as Daniel Boulud and Daniel Humm.


For this special one-day-only brunch, Flynn will be creating a set menu of five-courses, priced at $65 (per person, excludes tax, gratuity, and beverages).  There will be a limited number of seats, so make your reservations like, today, right now. They can be made in advance by e-mail via events@themaidstone.com.


Flynn McGarry five course Brunch Menu for the Maidstone Hotel

  • Popover with cultured butter

  • Cabbage Salad with pine nut vinaigrette, dressed grains, citrus and sprouts

  • Summer Squash Toast with ricotta, peaches and mint

  • Fried & Smashed Potatoes with Hollandaise, cured salmon and poached egg

  • Chamomile Pana Cotta with raspberries


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