Everywhere You Need to Eat In NYC's Chinatown Right Now

Everywhere You Need to Eat In NYC's Chinatown Right Now


When You Want “All You Can Eat” (That You Actually Want to Eat): Grand Seoul:


Grand Seoul is a lively Korean barbecue restaurant that offers a window into the country’s culinary heritage. The family-owned restaurant is a festive gathering place, popular for its wide range of banchan, regular & premium meat cuts, and $35 “All-You-Can-Eat” special offered for lunch & dinner. Chef Kim Yeong Gon Kim is a veteran of Kang Suh (one of the first KBBQ spots on 32nd Street) where he worked for 16 years.

When You’re in a Rush, But Don’t Want a Sad Salad: Kopitiam:

Kopitiam serves Nyonya cuisine, primarily a hybrid of Chinese and Malay flavors drawing ingredients and techniques from both cultures along with sprinkles of influences from the Portuguese, Dutch, and the British. The shop was recently named one of Bon Appetit’s top 10 restaurants in the USA.

When You Want to See What the Hype (& Hour-Long Wait) Is About: Tiger Sugar:


The wildly popular Taiwanese brown sugar boba shop opened a location in Chinatown earlier this month, the shop’s third NYC location in just four months. The locations in Flushing and Brooklyn had such long lines they had to limit drink orders to four per person.

When You Want Dessert, But Also Need An Instagram: Bonsai Kakigori:

Located in the Canal Street Market, Bonsai Kakigori brings Kakigori, the popular and visually-stunning shaved ice dessert

 from Japan to NYC. Bonsai Kakigori’s menu includes both traditional flavors as well as “western takes” like campfire smores, peanut butter & jelly, and coconut lime crunch. 

When You Want Soup That’s “Crazy Rich” But Not Crazy Expensive: PhoBar:

PhoBar is a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant offering unique takes on the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. The restaurant utilizes ingredients sourced from Chinatown to support the local community and offers premium pho ingredients (like lobster, oxtail and surf & turf) as well as a “Crazy Rich Broth” brewed for 25 hours and a DIY Pho Pot that diners cook themselves.

When You Can’t Decide, So You Go With Fish-Shaped Ice Cream: Taiyaki:


Taiyaki is an Instagram-worth Japanese dessert shop that offers traditional Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) reinvented: filled with soft-serve ice cream instead of a custard. They also offer fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes, which have recently gone viral.

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