DIY Ice Cream at CoolMess

DIY Ice Cream at CoolMess

For most people, devouring a heaping helping of ice cream is the best way to cool off in warm weather. However, I’ve always preferred the creamy treat when it’s cold outside. For some reason, there’s just something about chilly weather that makes me crave sundaes peppered with rainbow sprinkles, globs of cookie dough and drizzles of chocolate syrup. Of course, when it comes to the actual ice cream base, sometimes I want chocolate, other times vanilla, and on a few occasions I desire some whacky new flavor. Well, with that said, I’m super excited to check out CoolMess, an interesting new ice cream concept that recently opened on the Upper East Side.

At this fun new shop, from the family behind Burger Heaven, ice cream fans can actually make their own unique frozen concoctions—a fun DIY experience that is perfect for families traveling to the city with kids in tow. So, what does it involve exactly? Just grab a seat at one of the tables equipped with an ice cream maker, choose a base flavor, throw in a chewy baked good mix-in (from cookies and brownies to pound cake and doughnuts) and opt for three toppings (think chocolate pretzels, mini marshmallows, Oreo cookie crumbs, mini Gummy Bears, chocolate sauce and more). Place everything in the machine and just wait a few minutes for your frozen dessert.  If you aren’t feeling inspired but are fiending for the sugary indulgence, no problem. Those who don’t wish to customize their order can pick from the shop’s recipes.

All products at CoolMess are from local bakeries and creameries or baked in-house. You can enjoy the ice cream in the colorful shop or grab it to go.

For a complete list of flavors and mix-ins, click here.


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