All Kinds of Tea at Sanctuary T

All Kinds of Tea at Sanctuary T

A tea-infused cocktail

Last week, I attended an event at Sanctuary T, a restaurant and tea bar in SoHo. The cozy, windowed space consists of a few tables, a bar and shelves of packaged tea and accessories on the back wall. Behind the bar, you’ll find the usual—liquor, soda, coffee—and the unique: an array of teas, which are available straight or mixed with alcohol for tea-infused cocktails.

I tried one of each. The cocktail I chose was a special for the day’s happy hour: chai-spiced bourbon with bitters and ginger ale. The chai gave the drink a cinnamon flavor, which felt perfect for fall. I also tried the tiramisu tea, based solely on my curiosity about a cake-flavored beverage. Though this tea really tastes like cake, it wasn’t too sweet. If sweet’s what you’re looking for, each cup comes with a side of rock candy in lieu of sugar.

Crostini with figs, ricotta and almonds

While the name of the restaurant suggests Sanctuary T is known for their tea, their food is just as good. I tried a few small bites, including mouth-wateringly savory shrimp tempura, fluffy lavender-glazed tea cakes and just-sweet-enough crostini with figs, ricotta and almonds. Their dinner menu also looks appetizing with options like truffle mac ‘n’ cheese and beef ricotta meatballs.

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