Hair Heaven

Hair Heaven


As a lifestyle and beauty editor, I have the good fortune of being invited to a ton of press previews, from omakase tastings to salt facials. A packed schedule and deadlines almost always looming force me to turn down many invites, but this recent one was too good to resist: A shampoo and blowout to try the British line of haircare products making its debut in the U.S., the Nanogen event was also across the street from my office: It would have been, in all honesty, nuts not to try this out.

I was also curious about the line's history: as one of the top British haircare lines for women 40 plus to treat thinning hair, the company is looking to expand its demographic with wide distribution in the states. And as a woman over 40 who has dealt with the hair thinning problem ever since the birth of my son 23 years ago, I was equally intrigued.

The shampoo wash was lovely: The shampoo had a vaguely fruity, mangoish smell. The stylist then conditioned, blew me out, added some Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum, the Thickening Spray, and Protecting Spray, and I was done! My normally wispy bangs, flat-on-the-top-no-matter-how-long-I-blow-dry-my-head-upside-down, was indeed transformed, as the image attests.

This is a product I think I am going to stick with. I loved the results, and am impressed with the breadth of the line, which includes a serum, shampoo, conditioner, two different hair sprays and a mask, in two lines, for men and women. And best of all, it lacks the elitist pricing: You can buy these products at your local CVS among other outlets around the country.

This was one invite that was worth the trip:)



Nanogen’s various products, sitting pretty in my powder room

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