Backstage at Fashion Week with Cygalle Healing Spa

Backstage at Fashion Week with Cygalle Healing Spa

Cygalle Dias (left) with designer Erin Fetherston (Courtesy Cygalle Healing Spa)

Earlier this week, I got the opportunity to go backstage at New York Fashion Week and enjoy a holistic treatment by Cygalle Healing Spa’s mobile spa. I’ve been to a handful of runway shows, presentations and NYFW-related events in the past, but getting to see what happens backstage was an entirely different experience. Models, celebrities and other members of the fashion industry milled around waiting for next show to begin. Barrels of ice were filled to the brim with a seemingly endless supply of Diet Coke cans to keep fashionistas caffeinated and Cygalle was on hand to relax them with facials, massages and hot stone treatments.

Founder Cygalle Dias launched the company’s mobile spa services in 2006 and opened a full-service spa at the Dominican Republic’s Casa de Campo resort. She plans to open another spa in New York City soon. Known for its popularity with celebrities, the company offers its mobile services at private homes, offices and even events like NYFW’s Erin Fetherston show, where I received a mini-facial followed by a hot stone treatment.

Musician and Fetherston’s husband Gabe Saporta with a Cygalle esthetician (Courtesy Cygalle Healing Spa)

I haven’t had much experience with spa treatments, but this one was quick and efficient. The hot stones were the perfect temperature—more than just “warm,” but also not scalding—and the tool used to apply them vibrated just slightly to massage my face. I later learned the treatment uses infrared energy and Cygalle’s oils to keep you looking and feeling alert. After the treatment, one of Cygalle’s estheticians applied a warm, damp towel to my face and gave me a brief neck-and-shoulder massage, which left me feeling completely relaxed after a long day of sitting in front of my computer screen.

For more information about Cygalle’s treatments or to purchase their spa products online, visit or

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