The Top 10 Travel Tips for Newark Airport

The Top 10 Travel Tips for Newark Airport

Located 15 miles southwest of Midtown Manhattan, Newark Liberty International Airport is one of three international airports that serve New York City. As one of the first major airports in the U.S., it’s one of the top 15 busiest U.S. airports in terms of passengers. It has three terminals, out of which United has the most flights—making Newark United’s third-largest hub.

NJ TRANSIT makes your journey to and through EWR as smooth as possible. You can travel from the airport without ever worrying about traffic, tolls, taxis or shuttle buses. Getting to your airport terminal via NJ TRANSIT is easy by taking the train from Penn Station to the airport station to connect to AirTrain, the convenient monorail that stops at all airline terminals as well as parking lots and the rental car facility. AirTrain operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


At the Airport

Besides NYC, there are plenty of easy and accessible trains all around New Jersey, via NJ TRANSIT, to catch your flight. To make life even easier, purchase your round-trip train ticket to get you to and from the airport in no time, thanks to user-friendly MyTix, which is a feature of the NJ TRANSIT app. Once there, complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport for the first 30  minutes, and then available for hourly and daily increments for a charge.

TSA Pre-check

Have you registered for TSA Pre-check? Ease any anxiety about missing flights due to long wait times. An added TSA pre-check perk is that you’ll get to keep your shoes on and keep your laptop in your bag. 

Have Your ID ready  

There’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport and realizing that you’ve either grabbed the wrong ID (passport or license,) or are holding up the security line because you’ve got to dig for it. Lay it out the night before and find an accessible spot in your bag or on your person to store it.

Make Sure to Follow TSA Regulations

If you’re traveling with a carry-on, keep all your loose toiletries in clear plastic bags and make sure your liquids are no more than 3.4 ounces or you will have to dispose of them or check your bag. This may sound odd, but having everything clearly labeled and visible will make going through security a lot easier and less of a hassle for everyone involved.

If you’re traveling with a laptop or iPad, make sure you’ve got it out of your bag and handy before getting to the security line, a simple, yet easy to forget TSA requirement. Make sure you don’t accidentally pack it into your overhead suitcase and have to fumble in the security line to get it out. 

Suitcase in an airport terminal

Dining at Your Terminal

Newark Liberty International Airport recently underwent major upgrades, with a number of new establishments—several of which are NYC-based—coming to the airport. Many of these restaurants can be found in United’s Terminal C, including Wanderlust, a burger bar with a long list of gourmet burgers and beer offerings, and Saison, a French bistro.

In 2017 Newark Airport commissioned master pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres to help create and open a 24-hour bakery and chocolate shop. In addition to the Mélange Bakery Café, Terminal C now also boasts an invitation-only “secret” restaurant called Classified and a sushi restaurant, Tsukiji Fishroom, which receives fresh fish flown in directly from Tokyo’s iconic Tsukiji Fish Market. Needless to say, Terminal C is where you’ll find the trendiest and widest variety of restaurants at EWR.

However, you have options elsewhere. There’s Sora Sushi and Sandella’s Flatbread Café (Terminal B), and Philip’s Seafood and Earl of Sandwich(Terminal A). Additionally, you’ll find a number of chain restaurants such as Ruby Tuesday (Terminal A), Tony Roma’s (Terminal A), Chili’s Too (Terminal B), Wendy’s (Terminal B) and Subway (Terminal B).

Pre-flight Libations 

If you'd like to grab a drink before takeoff, Terminal C is again your best bet. One such watering hole is Proof, a whiskey-forward restaurant and bar where you can enjoy a long list of whiskeys (as well as beer, wine and cocktails) that you won’t find at most airport bars. Also in Terminal C is Caps Beer Garden, which also has a great whiskey selection. But what Caps is also known for is their beer menu, which includes many specialty international beers as well as craft American brews. The beer trend continues at Belgian Beer Café, which is part Belgian restaurant and part Belgian bar, featuring a selection of beers from across Europe.

You’ll also find a number of staple airport bars with a full bar, such as Champps Americana (Terminal B) and City Point Bar (Terminal B). In Terminal A, there's Currito Cantina, which features a selection of margaritas and other Latin-themed cocktails, and family-friendly Tony Roma’s, which also has a full bar.

Airport Amenities and Shopping

Being one of United’s largest hubs, EWR has a number of United Club lounges, including two in Terminal C and one in Terminal A. Delta and American both have lounges. There are also several international lounges in Terminal B, including Lufthansa, British Airways and the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. New to EWR is the Art & Lounge, located pre-security in Terminal B, which is accessible to all passengers for a $35 day pass. 

Newark Liberty International Airport has a plethora of local and designer shops including Papyrus (Terminal A), Swatch (Terminal B), Brookstone (Terminal C) and even the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Terminal C). Unique to EWR is Departure Spa, which is a full-service spa with two locations in Terminal C, where you can even get a haircut and style.

Have a long layover and want to get out of the airport and do something? Unlike many international airports, Newark International Airport is within just a few miles of a number of great things to do in Newark such as the Newark Museum and The Mills at Jersey Gardens, the largest outlet mall in New Jersey.

Flying can be a nerve-wracking experience, but take advantage of all these features that your terminal or gate has to offer—or simply grab a magazine at the newsstand, snag a quick snack before your flight, or just get there early and enjoy people-watching at the gate. Regardless, take it easy—you’ve made it past the hard part, now all you’ve got to do is enjoy your flight.

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