The Doctor is IN

The Doctor is IN

I recently spoke with Dr. Jeff Rosenberg of Rosenberg Wellness Center about his chiropractic practice where he utilizes a holistic approach to provide folks from here and abroad with non-surgical treatment for effective and lasting pain relief.

(Courtesy Rosenberg Wellness Center)

For over 20 years now, Rosenberg has helped countless clients—ranging from professional athletes to executives to business and leisure travelers from around the world—who truly value self-care. They come see him because he is one of the only chiropractors in New York City who is certified in three techniques (Cox, Active Release and Graston) which have proven to be the most effective methods for everything from back pain, carpal tunnel, knee injuries, rotator cuff issues and more. 

When I asked why he is certified in these three techniques, he replied, “There are a lot of gaps in chiropractic.” Techniques that every chiropractor learns in their programs weren’t working effectively— that post-surgical spinal fusion back pain and sciatica patients’ spines weren’t being decompressed the way they should with standard chiropractic visits. But the Cox Technique is proven—so he got certified in the Cox Technique.

I made a note to myself to check how many chiropractors are certified for this technique. This website indicates that only about 3% of U.S. chiropractors are and that seemed like a really low number to me. It was then I remembered what Rosenberg told me—that this technique is time intensive and extremely costly for a chiropractor, citing the need to learn and retain additional technical, anatomical and scientific information.

Dr. Rosenberg implementing the Cox Technique (Courtesy Rosenberg Wellness Center)

Being in pain is not a natural state for you to be in. “Pain means there’s a problem,” Rosenberg said. “Listen to your body.” While that makes a lot of sense, people have a choice of how they want to deal with the pain and one of those choices is visiting a chiropractor.  

As I mentioned before, Rosenberg treats a spectrum of clients from both here in NYC and abroad. I asked him how he can connects so well with world travelers when he doesn’t have a history with their medical needs and he told me he puts himself in their shoes. “I’m a world traveler,” he said. “I understand how awful it is to be in a foreign country and the uncertainty you feel with being in pain and needing something, except that you’re far from home.” So he finds out where folks are from and will learn how to ask things like “Where do you hurt?” in the language they feel most comfortable with. He’ll tell them where the best place to get ice packs or heating pads are during their visit. It’s these little things that seem so trivial but make a world of difference to someone who wants to feel better.

Dr. Rosenberg offers free consultations so you can figure out together if he can help with what is keeping you from living your best, pain-free life. There’s also a blog on his website—click here—that updates weekly with great tips about self-care, as well as information about pain prevention and chiropractics. He also wrote this handy post on LinkedIn—click here—with tips for your back and body during a long flight that include:

-Hydrate yourself and drink water before/during your flight and not just when you’re thirsty

-Bring your own healthy/organic snacks because airline food has ample salt and preservatives

-Book an aisle seat so you can easily get up to walk and stretch once an hour


 For more information about scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Rosenberg, click here.

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