Opera Gallery's Newest Exhibit Explores Textures and Landscapes

Opera Gallery's Newest Exhibit Explores Textures and Landscapes

Yasmina Alaoui (Courtesy of Opera Gallery)

Opera Gallery was founded by Gilles Dyan in Paris in 1994 and has since become internationally established with offices in Paris, London, Geneva, Monaco, New York, Miami, Aspen, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beirut, and Dubai. Opera Gallery is one of the leading dealers in modern and contemporary art with museums as well as private clients worldwide. 

Since 2000, Opera Gallery New York has represented a wide variety of artists, from street artists who have decided to take on the canvas, to well established contemporary artists, such as Ron English, David Mach, Lori Earley, and Simon Birch. Opera Gallery New York has developed a reputation in the contemporary art world—one of excellence, integrity, and discretion earned by providing a high level of service to clients.  

Coming September 13th-27th, French and Moroccan artist Yasmina Alaoui will present works infused with the experiences of her multi-cultural upbringing—works that aim to bridge secular and holy, classical and contemporary, order and chaos, figuration and abstraction. Combining a wide variety of materials, her large-framed abstract compositions evoke vast mineralogical landscapes. Visitors will also be captivated by the realism and sculptural quality of each human form and get lost in the illusion. Stop in and peruse the carefully-curated pieces in the Opera Gallery’s newest exhibit while you explore Madison Avenue this fall. Open daily from 11 am- 7 pm. 

<<791 Madison Ave. (at E. 67th St.), 646.707.3299


Opera Gallery NYC (Courtesy of Opera Gallery)

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