Leave the Land of the Large and Enter Gulliver’s Gate!

Leave the Land of the Large and Enter Gulliver’s Gate!

Experience the Brooklyn Bridge like never before! (Courtesy Gulliver's Gate)

Experience the whole world—in miniature!—at Gulliver’s Gate, the new immersive experience located in Times Square.

An entire city block wide, Gulliver’s Gate is a technologically enhanced and advanced interactive world that ignites imagination and challenges perspective. I recently took a tour of Gulliver’s Gate and found this family-friendly attraction beyond enchanting. This is an excellent way to see the world’s most famous sights all in one spot. Travel across countries and continents in mere steps, see architectural wonders from far and wide and enjoy some of the biggest moments in world history!

Gulliver’s Gate starts you off in Brooklyn, New York, with a fantastic view of Manhattan—all in miniature. Most everything is in HO scale, which means 1:87 human size. (For reference, a six-foot tall person would be about .8 inches in height.) Big buildings are still big, but the people who inhabit Gulliver’s Gate are tiny. The models depict scenes from the world’s past, present and future (as well as some fictitious elements) and as our world is always evolving and expanding, so too will Gulliver’s Gate.

What’s cool about Gulliver’s Gate is that guests have a chance to become a Citizen. There is a body scanner on-site that guests can have themselves scanned and be turned into one of the people that populate Gulliver’s Gate. As a Citizen, you will get a framed photo of your mini-self in its home in the display and a passport that grants you special pricing and access any time you want to come back and visit your mini and Gulliver’s Gate. 

In addition to the various countries, Gulliver’s Gate will eventually feature about 1,000 model trains and over 10,000 miniature cars and trucks—a lot which will be on the move! There’s also an airport with planes that land and takeoff off time (see – told you there were fictitious elements to Gulliver’s Gate…).

The interactive elements of Gulliver’s Gate are neat and I expect will be a big hit with kids.  Guests will be able to make elements of Gulliver’s Gate light up, move, make sounds or roll video. And always look closely, as you’ll never know what you’ll see… when I was there, I spotted an Adele concert happening over in England and billboards for some of my favorite Broadway shows in Times Square. 

What I found most amazing about Gulliver’s Gate is the level of detail poured into every inch of this experience and that the respective cities and countries were designed in their locations of origin.

Gulliver’s Gate is still in previews until May 9. During this time, get special preview period prices—just $25 a ticket! From May 9 and onward, Adult entry is $36, Children 12 and under, as well as Seniors (65+), are $27. You can save $5 after May 8 when you purchase tickets online! For tickets and the most up-to-date hours and admissions information, click here. For groups of 15 or more, contact Gulliver’s Gate directly at customercare@gulliversgate.com

Leave the Land of the Large for a bit and explore this immersive world of miniatures! Gulliver’s Gate is located at 216 W. 44th St. (btw Seventh & Eighth aves.).

Though guests can't stand in the exhibit, this shows the scale of Gulliver's Gate's citizens versus actual human people! (Courtesy Gulliver's Gate)

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