It’s All About the Vape

It’s All About the Vape

When no one was looking, NYC went and got itself a brand new subculture. That subculture comes in the form of “vaping.” Although this word might seem unfamiliar, you are probably well acquainted with the practice: NYC foot traffic puffing away on electronic cigarettes—a somewhat “healthier” version of its nicotine-laced counterpart—as they traverse this concrete jungle.

Well, those that opt to put down the Marlboro Light and pick up an electronic cig—gizmos that take several different forms—can do so in vape lounges that are setting up shop all over the city. And, I visited one in the Gramercy area of Manhattan last week.

Henley Vaporium, which also has a location in SoHo, is reminiscent of an art gallery in regards to the décor—cool larger-than-life hipster artwork fills the space—and is similar to a hookah bar when it comes to the concept: take a seat and let the knowledgeable staff tell you more about the list of elixirs, what tools to try, and direct you on the best items to purchase. As mentioned earlier, a lot of people that adopt this trend are smokers or former smokers, so the elixirs have different potencies, flavors and some even include nicotine.

I pulled up a seat at the bar and, while shrouded in a cloud of smoke—somewhat ironic as I gazed at a “No Smoking” sign—I perused a list of offerings and took an all-encompassing gander at a bounty of bottles, with such liquids inside as Sinthol, a “Niquid” with Cinnamon and Menthol; Blue Label Elixir’s such as “Breezy” a mix of Cucumber, Mint and Watermelon; and Ripe Vapes, including “KLC”—Key Lime Cookie.

Thanks to the help of “Vapologist” Gabriel Valentine—an artist and filmmaker, I opted for one of the Salacious Elixirs—American Pie, an impactful mix of Apple, Caramel and Spice.

So, next time you decide to just head to “the bar” maybe opt for a vaporium instead—it’s just as social with a much more interesting cast of characters.

For more on Henley Vaporium, click here.   


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