Bike NYC with Loudest Yeller

Bike NYC with Loudest Yeller

Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours gives tourists and locals alike something to shout about—an educational and extremely fun way to see NYC. This bicycle tour company began taking folks around the city in April of this year and since then has become a popular way for people to learn more about the Big Apple while getting in a great ride.

(Courtesy Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours)

Bike lovers can take advantage of two tours that take different routes. There’s the Living City Day Tour (4.5 hours) that takes participants on a leisurely ride through Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as well as most of lower Manhattan, with a picnic lunch in Washington Square Park (pack your own lunch or get deliciousness to-go at Murray's Cheese Shop—a frequent choice for Loudest Yeller participants—or other nearby establishments). Loudest Yeller also provides a Two Bridges Night Bike Tour (4 hours). Though this tour is a little more challenging (as two bridges means additional pedaling), it’s worth the extra oomph to see Manhattan go from dusk to nighttime. 

The guides, all with NYC Sightseeing Guide Licenses, offer up amusing tales about the city, point out neat places to check out post-tour and give riders the opportunity to just hang out and enjoy the ride. Though Loudest Yeller takes its name from a line in a Woodie Guthrie song, it’s an appropriate moniker for the company that doesn’t use any sort of microphone or headset system to keep in communication with the riders. 

Owner Adam Benedetto worked as a bicycle guide in Paris for 2.5 years before running a bicycle tourism company in Shanghai for a year. He said that seeing NYC by bike is the best way to get to know the city better, though the city changes every single day—so every tour is inherently different. There’s always a new billboard, or art instillation or festival going on, and on-bike tourists get to see it all firsthand.

Loudest Yeller uses bright yellow bikes from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Helmets are provided, but riders can feel free to bring their own. Tours happen rain or shine so if the weather looks iffy, a raincoat would be a good idea too.

Right now the tours are by reservation only via the website. When I asked Benedetto who should come on the tour, he said everyone—individuals, families (this is a kid-friendly activity), corporate groups for team building, people who meet on Tindr. So long as you are comfortable on a bike and over the age of 10, Loudest Yeller is for you.

The Living City Day Tour starts daily at 11:00 am while the Two Bridge Night Bike Tour begins nightly at 7:00. Cost is $45 per person per tour.

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